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Macoto TEZKA (TZK) is a "Visualist", Born in 1961.

Began film making while in high school and won several film awards and received plaudits from Nagisa OSHIMA, the director, and Japanese professional filmmakers.
Directed "MOMENT(1981)"while he was at university and it became a record-breaking hit as student film (available on DVD).
TZK is also known as a successful creator in various fields including directing film, TV, commercial ads, PV and writer.
Made his acting debut on "Nerawareta Gakuen (1981)", a collection of short series made for a popular segment on a well-known television variety show (affiliated with Television Tokyo) called "Mon-Mon Dra-ety (Drama variety), Dr. Ochanoko's HORROE THEATRE".
Made his commercial film debut with the release of the movie "The legend of THE STARDUST BROTHERS (1985)".
Director of "Yokai Tengoku -Ghost Paradise- (1986) which highly regarded as pioneering work of Japanese "V-CINEMA (Direct-to-Video)" and the early stages of High Definition Television production work "Todai-ji Densetsu Kongo Kitan -The Legend of Todai-ji- (1991)".
Director of a documentary film " -Akira Kurosawa -Eiga no Himitsu- , The Secret of Films" (1991) Director of a feature length film "Hakuchi: the innocent- (1999)".
Over 10 years the film has been in development.
Won many awards, including the Digital award at the Venice International Film Festival.
Director of "Black Kiss (2004)". Received a special invitation to the Tokyo International Film Festival.
Director of TV animation "Black Jack (2004)" ; Tokyo Anime Award winning film at the Tokyo International Anime Fair.
Director of documentary "Ogatsu hoin kagura" (Shinto music and dance) (2012). As one of the annual relief and recovery activities for the Tohoku Earthquake in May 11, 2011 (Planned by National Federation of UNESCO Associations in JAPAN).
Directed one of the omnibus film "Tokyo Shutter Girl (2013)". Based on a well-known manga "Tokyo Shutter Girl" by Kenichi KIRIKI".
Director of "LEGEND OF THE FOREST part-2 (2014)", a continuation of Osamu TEZUKA's unfinished masterpiece "Legend of the Forest (1987)".
Producer of PC software "TEO -The Magical Planet- (1995)". Published in 19 countries with annual sales of 58million.
General Director of the opening ceremony of "East Asian Games 2001".
Supervisor of manga "Pluto" (original author: Osamu TEZUKA, Manga: Naoki URASAWA, producer: Takashi NAGASAKI), has various awards, including Japan Media Arts Festival.
Director of the dancing opera "UZME" (2005).
Chairman and the Associated Planner of "Nico Nico Douga" and "International Nico Nico Film Festival (2009)".
Held his first photo exhibition "BOX in BOX (2014)".
As the son of famous Osamu TEZUKA, TZK planned and produced "The Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum", the "Osamu TEZUKA exhibition" at Edo-Tokyo Museum" and the official website of Tezuka Production co, ltd.
Author of "Black Moment (2002, GENTOSHA", "Ways of Representing Ideas for the Visualistic Age. (2000, SHUEISHA), "the real face of Father Osamu TEZUKA" (2012, Shinchosha Publishing) and "Trance. Ihaiyama- Kitan" (2013, Takeshobo) etc..

CEO of Neontetra Ltd. Board member of Tezuka Production co, ltd.
Representative of a board of directors of Osamu Tezuka Foundation.
Visiting professor of Tokyo University of Technology School of Media Science. Adviser of Creators College of "Nihon Kogakuin College".
lecturer of Image Forum Institute of Moving Image, Board of Japan Image Council (JAPIC).
A committee member of national examination "Intellectual Property Management Skills Test" and a judge of Ango Sakaguchi Award.
Honorary Curator, and Production Supervisor of "the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum.
Ambassador of Takarazuka city.