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1961 age 0 Born in Fujimidai, Nerima, Tokyo.
His father, Osamu Tezka, was a well known manga artist.
1968 age 7 Entered Seikei Elementary School in Tokyo, joined to design club, participated as extracurricular activities after school.
Influenced by '2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)'.
1973 age 12 Bankrupt of Mushi Production Co., Ltd..
'The Legend of Hell House' (1973) became his most favorite movie.
1974 age 13 Tezuka family moved to Shimo-Igusa, Suginami, Tokyo.
Entered Seikei Junior High School in Tokyo, joined to the photo club, participated as extracurricular activities after school.
1975 age 14 Decided to make his own films after watching the 'Jaws(1975).
1976 age 15 Editor in chief for the high school magazine committee.
1977 age 16 Entered Seikei High School in Tokyo, joined to the film study club.
Watched 'Star Wars'(1977) and 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind(1977)' in Hollywood.
1978 age 17 Directed 8mm film:- 'FANTASTIC★PARTY' ,awarded at the Japan 8mm film festival in the high school student category.
Began film screening activities MOVIEMATE 100% (with Akiyoshira Imazeki).
1979 age 18 8mm film 'UNK' won a prize at the Off Theater Film Festival (PFF).
1980 age 19 Tezuka family moved to Koyama Higashi-kurume, Tokyo.
Entered Nihon University, College of Art, cinema major.
Wrote, directed, edited and starred 8mm film 'MOMENT'.
1981 age 20 Released 8mm film 'MOMENT' created a sensation among the Japanese 'student film industry'.
Co-starred in film 'Nerawareta Gakuen' (Kadokawa Film)
Produced and starred 'Mon Mon Dra-eti –Ochanoko Hakase no Horror Theatre'.
Planner of the two billion dollars yen production budget feature film 'STORM';- later, the production stopped.
1982 age 21 Participated in projects of the Film Link Co., LTd. Deepened the conceptual and practical understanding of the CG and multimedia.
1984 age 23 'MOMENT' shown at the Berlin International Film Festival.
Produced a music video 'VIDELA'.
Directed theatrical film 'The Legend of Stardust Brothers'.
1985 age 24 'The Legend of Stardust Brothers' released.
8mm film 'the Plant TE ト RA' released.
Started activities with a title "visualist in various fields.
Became a talent of the management company PAPADO,Inc.
Left Nihon University, College of Art.
Founded 'Saitei (worst) 8mm film festival'.
1986 age 25 Directed original Video work 'Yokai Tengoku'.
1987 age 26 Visual producer of Japanese techno unit Pearl Brothers and involved in music activities.
1988 age 27 Produced image CD album 'FANCY DANCE' based on Reiko Okano's manga.
1989 age 28 Osamu Tezuka passed away.
Became a board member of Tezuka Production Co., Ltd.
Changed name, from Makoto Tezuka to 'Macoto Tezka'.
Began film project 'Hakuchi'.
1990 age 29 Married Reiko Okano, moved to Fujimidai Nerima, Tokyo.
Directed original video work 'Yokai Tengoku the Ghost hero'.
1991 age 30 Directed a documentary video 'Rhapsody in August' .directed by Akira Kurosawa.
Directed high-vision work 'Todai-ji densestu Kongo Kitan'.
1992 age 31 Visual Producer of 'Ichiko Hashimoto ', accompanied at the musical events.
1993 age 32 Founded 'Neontetra Ltd' and started live event project 'SALON TETRA (AD1993)'.
1994 age 33 Developed a CD-ROM "TEO-The Magical Planet".
Executive producer of The Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum in Takarazuka.
Created development section at Tezuka Production Co., Ltd.
Moved to Shimo-shakujii, Nerima, Tokyo.
1995 age 34 Published a CD-ROM 'TEO-The Magical Planet'.
Planned the symposium 'NEO-ANIMALOGY FORUM' , participated as speaker and moderator.
Released, 35mm Short film 'NUMANITE'.
1996 age 35 Published first novel 'Black Moment'.Wrote 'Phantom Party'.
1997 age 36 Produced Nintendo 64 game 'Kimba the White Lion' ;- later, the production stopped.
1998 age 37 Started 'Hakuchi : The Innocent' film project.
1999 age 38 Directed a film, 'Hakuchi : The Innocent', shown at Venice and the other International Film Festivals.
Produced and Directed 'Experimental Film', distributed and shown at the late night show.
Started management of Reika Hashimoto(talent / model/ actress).
2000 age 39 Invited to Bologna and the other international film festivals.
Published a book 'Visual Jidai no Hassouhou' from Shueisha.
General director of Osamu Tezuka's official HP 'Osamu Tezuka @ world'.
Guest of NHK BS TV show 'Digital Stadium' as a curator.
2001 age 40 General visual producer of the opening ceremony of 2001 East Asian Games.
Publication of theremin CD 'eyemoon' (co-produced by Macoto Tezka and Reiko Okano).
2002 age 41 Publication of Macoto Tezka's Collection DVD box which contains 'Yokai Tengoku', 'The legend of Stardust Brothers' and 'Experimental film'.
2003 age 42 Supervisor of manga 'Pluto' (Naoki Urasawa / original: Osamu Tezuka).
2004 age 43 Started 'Black Kiss' film project.
Invited to the Tokyo International Film Festival.
Directed TV animation 'Black Jack).
Guest of event 'Cyver deca Matsuri'.
2005 age 44 Directed film 'Black Kiss' and 'Black Jack –Futari no Kuroi Isha', distributed and published throughout Japan.
Produced a Dancing Opera 'UZUME', shown at Aich Expo.
Planed and produced 'The Ango Sakaguchi Film Festival';- in celebration with the centenary of the birth of Ango Sakaguchi.
Planed and produced internet movie 'the Birthday'.
2006 age 45 Consultant of the Creaters' Colledge of the Tokyo Kogakuin College of Technology.
Supervisor of musical 'Ribon no Kishi', starred Morning musume.
The 'Ango Sakaguchi film festival' celebration the 100th anniversary of Ango Sakaguchi, plan and produce. Directed a 8mm film '2006', shown at film festivals.
2007 age 46 Started independent film group activities 'Free-Hand-Operation'.
Director and Writer-director of one episode of the internet drama 'Detective Office 5 (DO5)'.
Planner of 'Niko-niko international film festival', participated as speaker, moderator and chairman of the reviewing board.
Planed and produced 8mm film festival, released new 8mm films.
2008 age 47 Full-time lecturer of the Image Forum, school of Cinema study.
Editorial supervisor of animation film 'ASTRO BOY'.
Planner, producer and show host of the 'Osamu Tezuka Academy' to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Osamu Tezuka'.
Visual Producer of 'ravex' lebal.
Creator of 'Ra-tom' character.
Writer-director of contents for 'KidZania'.
2009 age 48 Produced the 'Osamu Tezuka Exhibition' in celebration of 80th anniversary of Osamu Tezuka'.