Macoto Tezka: Interview article

Macoto Tezka talks about Osamu Tezuka’s experimental animation ‘Legend of the Forest’.

‘Legend of the Forest’ is produced by Osamu Tezuka in 1997, exhibited at the Hiroshima international Animation festival in 1998. This is an epic drama about creatures in forest, accompanied by Tchaikovsky’s Fourth symphony.

This piece is known as the most comprehensive survey of Osamu Tezuka’s animation.

This was one of Osamu Tezuka’s last projects and only the first and fourth of its four parts were completed before he passed in 1989.

Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd. announced that they will produce the second and third part of ‘Legend of the forest’ directed by Macoto Tezka. This will be exhibited at the Hiroshima International Animation Festival in August, 2010.

Macoto Tezka talks talk about second and third part of the ‘Legend of the Forest’- in the interview on Tezuka Productions’ Official HP.