Reiko Okano
Reiko Okano is a Japanese manga Artist. Started her career as a manga artist of “Shojyo Comic” and won the ‘Shogakukan Manga Award’ for “Fancy Dance” which features a young monk. She was highly acclaimed for her manga “Onmyouji” which based on Baku Yumemakura’s novel. It became a social phenomenon in Japan and received the‘Osamu Tezuka Award’.
She is also well versed in Japanese traditional music and dance including “Gagaku” and her unique sense of beauty has been reputed in the world. She has produced, CD albums (“Brian Eno” and “Rei-gaku-sha”) which reflect the image of her manga world.
She draws a serial manga ‘Inanna’ which is based on berry-dance for the Weekly Morning. Reiko Okano is also an author of ‘Youmihenjhoyawa’and ‘the Calling’.
岡野玲子 漫画家