Chuji Akagi
Chuji Akagi began his career as a musician, composer and singer in 1970s. His unique music style has been established since he was inspired by the wave of gram rock, punk came out of London and techno music. After he played in a series of legendary indie-music bands and got involved in several music projects, he started to explore his originality in the filed of theremin music. His outstanding unique pop music style is well appreciated by fans.
Techno-pop band the‘FILMS’ is a Japanese band formed by Chuji Akagi, in 1979.
In 1980, the FILMS released an original CD album ‘MISPRINT’ from Columbia label.
By 1985, Chuji privately gets involved in a project called ‘The legend of THE STARDUST BROTHERS –hoshikuzu kyoudai no densetu-’ and sang on and the movie soundtrack. In 1989, Chuji forms new band the ‘CLEVER RABBIT’. Their performance was featured on the mini-album ‘CLEVER RABIT’. (Some songs are written by Macoto Tezka and Reiko Okano)
1995 Chuji forms the ‘VELVETS FROM LUNA’ with Koichi Egura. In the same year, he became sound director PC software ‘TEO – The Magical Planet’.
*2001:-Sound producer of Yano Yuki’s original theremin CD album ‘eyemoon’.
*2004: Chuji release his solo album ‘Blue Planet’.
赤城忠治 ミュージシャン・コンポーザー・シンガー


Blue Planet
Blue Planet
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1980 Chikada Haruo ‘The legend of THE STARDUST BROTHERS –hoshikuzu kyoudai no densetu-’
   02. Gasoline rain ‘Gasoline No Ame’  (composer)
   06. Monitor (composer)
   09. ‘The legend of THE STARDUST BROTHERS –hoshikuzu kyoudai no densetu-’ (composer)
   10. Crazy Game (composer)
1981 Chakra ‘heave-ho in the Southern Ocean: Nanyo de Yoisho’
   03. To Tell You the Truth ‘Houtou no Koto wo Ieba’ (songwriter)
1982 Tsurutaro Kataoka ‘Kiss wo motto Kiss wo’
   A3. Arifureta kotoba (songwriter, composer)
   A5. Marude Comedian (songwriter, composer)
   B3. Soto ha Matsuri dane (songwriter)
   B5. Sayonara Romance (songwriter, composer)
1983 IMITATION‘Happy Hunting’
   11. BABY "T" (songwriter, composer)
1985 The movie‘Stardust Brothers: Hoshikuzu Kyodai No Densetsu’ sound track
   A1. ‘The legend of THE STARDUST BROTHERS –hoshikuzu kyoudai no densetu-’ (composer)
   A4. Monitor (composer, vocalist)
   B3. Gasoline Rain ‘Gasoline No Ame’ (composer)B4. Crazy Game (composer, vocalist)
1986 Yuji Okiyama 『HAKONIWA』(mini album)
   04. A Fool on the Tour (composer)
Miwako Sato ‘Koibito ha Itsudemo’(mini album)
   A1. Koibito ha Itsudemo (songwriter, composer, producer)
   B1. NEGATIVE HEART (songwriter,・composer,・producer)
   B2. 12 no Garnet (songwriter,・composer,・producer)
1987 Mayumi Chiwaki ‘Attack Treatment’
   01. Aurora・Girl (composer)
   02. Please Please(composer)
1988 Miwako Saito ‘GIRL MEETS BOY’ (mini album)
   02. Radio Dream (composer)
   07. The First Kiss (composer)
   11. Radio Dream ‘Refrain’ (composer)
‘FANCY DANCE’ produced by Macoto Tezka
   01. Fancy Dance (composer, vocalist)
   05. Mercury Impulse (composer, vocalist)
   01. Charlie Goes to Disneyland (composer)
   02. X'mas in 2030 AD (composer)
   03. She is The Cute! (songwriter, composer)
   04. Mercury Impulse (composer)
   05. Let's Go Art! (songwriter, composer)
   06. Figure (composer)
   07. Felix's Magic Bag (songwriter, composer)
Miwako Saito ‘Time sewing machine’
   03. NEGATIVE HEART (composer)
   04. lifties (composer)
   07. Koibito ha itsudemo (songwriter, composer)
   08. 12 no Garnet (composer)
1991 Haruo Kubota ‘FLYING NEW ASIAN’
   01. Different highway (songwriter・composer, co-producer)
   02. Lapis lazuli (songwriter・composer, co-producer)
   03. Love terroristt (songwriter・composer, co-producer)
   04. 1990's catalogue (songwriter・composer, co-producer)
   05. Falsetto (songwriter・composer, co-producer)
   07. Flying New Asian (songwriter・composer, co-producer)
   08. House on fire(songwriter・composer, co-producer)
Video ‘Youkai Tengoku Ghost Hero’ (composer)
1992 Sachiko Suzuki (‘WINK’) ‘Mode’(mini album)
   02. 1999-nen no Taikutsu (composer)
Mao Yamaguchi ‘Neco Machi’ (book)
   01. Meco machi notheme (composer)
   02. Natsu no Kamigami (composer)
   03. Tsuki mura taiko(composer)
   04. Kioku no Umi (composer)
1996 ‘TEO– The Magical Planet-’(mini album)
   01. ‘TEO – The Magical Planet-’ (composer)
   02. Finfin no Tokei (songwriter・composer)
   03. Finfin Songbook (composer・arranger)
   04. Fushigi no TEO (composer)
2001 Yuki Yano & Aeon ‘eyemoon’ (sound producer)
2004 Solo album ‘Blue Planet’
2009 FILMS ‘MISPRINT’ reissue CD